CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — If you have old paint cans, cleaning chemicals, or other hazardous waste items sitting in your garage, one city official wants you to pause before just throwing them away.

Nichole Millage, Champaign’s environmental sustainability specialist, said it’s important to get rid of them the correct way. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency hosted a collection event at the State Farm Center on Saturday.

Millage said leaving the disposal to the professionals not only helps humans but the environment around us.

“You don’t want these kinds of products to wind up in your waste system or your water system because that’s not the kind of stuff you want to end up drinking or that you want to be exposed to,” she said. “It’s not only important for humans, but the environment.”

She said the Champaign County Environmental Stewards are working toward a goal of having a permanent year-round facility for drop-offs. For right now, you can find other recycling events online.

You can sign up for upcoming electronic collection events starting Monday, April 17 online.