CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — The Champaign-Urbana area is celebrating a milestone — new record-breaking travel and tourism numbers.

The data was just released and shows a 28% increase in spending in Champaign County in 2022. Travel and tourism supported 4,900 jobs (a 14.8% increase) and brought in $17.3 million through visitor spending (a 21.4% increase).

Jayne DeLuce, the Experience CU President and CEO, said a lot of it comes from people at the Rantoul Sports Complex and events at the I-Hotel near the University of Illinois campus.

She’s thanking community collaboration between mayors, administrators and U of I officials for making it happen.

“At the end of the day, it’ll enhance the lives of our residents,” she said. “It’s going to create opportunities for teachers, it’s bringing in tax revenues that will make this a better place.”

Other surrounding communities are seeing increases too.

Champaign County

  • Travel expenditures – $539.4 million (a 28.2% increase)
  • Local tax revenue – $5.2 million (a 23% increase)

Douglas County

  • Travel expenditures – $49.7 million (a 15.3% increase)
  • Local tax revenue – $1.2 million (a 8.3% increase)

Moultrie County

  • Travel expenditures – $9.3 million (a 9.5% increase)
  • Local tax revenue – $0.4 million (a 20% increase)

Piatt County

  • Travel expenditures – $10.4 million (a 24.2% increase)
  • Local tax revenue – $0.4 million (a 25% change)