CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Superintendent Susan Zola presented the updated framework for reopening Monday night.

The first day for students has been moved back from August 24 to August 26. The 24th and 25th will now be used for orientation.

Zola also announced details for providing each student with a Chromebook.

She also outlined the district’s plans for ensuring all students have access to WiFi. Families will be categorized in four levels.

  • Level 1: Families have access to internet
  • Level 2: Public broadcasted internet
    Unit 4 is broadcasting wifi to parking lots and public spaces outside of select Unit 4 buildings including public parks.
    Parkland/University of Illinois campuses will recognize Unit 4 student logins automatically using EduRoam authentication services. This service will also allow Unit 4 students to access wifi at any participating educational institution in the United States.
    Unit 4 is partnering with I3 the City of Champaign to provide internet access in high need areas. this is referred to as an “internet mesh.” The City, Unit 4 and I3 are also working on creating additional “meshes” in other select areas of the city.
  • Level 3: Unit 4 is providing subsidized internet access to families that are “cable ready” and qualify for this program but do not currently have internet.
    Unit 4 has partnered with Comcast to provide home internet services to families using a “promotional code” the family will receive. Unit 4 will pay for the internet service on behalf of families. This service will be provided for one year. This is only for internet access.
    The families will fill out a simple set up request form with Comcast using the promotional code and equipment will be sent to them. Comcast technicians will finish the set up for the families.
  • Level 4: Unit 4 has a limited number of Verizon wifi “hotspots” that can be provided to families that are not able to get access to the internet through the other levels. Building principals will assist in identifying families for level 4.

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