CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Champaign’s Fire Department is replacing two trucks in its fleet, working to keep its technology up-to-date and keep you safe when they respond to calls.

During the week, they’re training and preparing to use the new vehicles.

Firefighters are learning how to use the pumps and the new features that their trucks didn’t have before.

Andy Quarnstrom, Champaign’s Battalion Chief, said taking the time to learn it all is important because each truck is different.

He said having new equipment helps them do their jobs and he’s excited for the HAAS Alert System on board.

It alerts people on certain navigation apps like Waze or Apple Maps when first responders are on call.

“The new technology that’s put on on new fire trucks, just like it is in new cars, I think is exciting,” Quarnstrom said. “It ensures that we’re safe, it ensures the residents are safer and that we can perform our job to the best of our ability.”

They’re not the first ones to use the HAAS Alert System. The Lincoln Fire Protection District in Coles County does as well. Kevin Rankin, their deputy chief, said they’ve noticed more people pulling over and getting out of the way when they’re responding to calls.

Champaign Fire said it’s been about five years since they got a new truck and hopes to have these in service within the next few weeks.