CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Freezing temperatures, drifting snow and gusts of wind could impact your cars and homes and holiday travel plans.

People are feeling the effects of the cold weather, and Champaign is no different.

“I don’t have heat in my car at the moment,” said Andy Buzzer of Champaign. “It was cold. My hands got numb and so did my feet.”

Clay Dooley Tire and Auto Service on Neil Street said they’ve gotten calls from people needing roadside assistance. Store manager Carl Rice recommended having a plan before deciding to travel.

“Check your tire pressure regularly,” Rice said. “The pressure in your tire fluctuates constantly when it’s cold or warm outside. Dead batteries, make sure you keep your battery terminals clean and make sure there’s no corrosion there.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen served hot meals to those in need.

“It really warms our heart to be out here to be able to give back,” said volunteer Charlie Brown Jr. “When people come here, we see the need. We see that there are those this time of year who don’t have food, who are food deprived.”

Strides Shelter in downtown helped more than 100 people in the past 24 hours. Deputy Town Supervisor Bailee VanAntwerp said the service they provide to the community goes much further than just warm beds.

“It feels wonderful,” VanAntwerp said. “I feel like it’s just my job, but I do know it means a lot to the individuals that have been staying here.”

The shelter provided a space to do laundry, shower and they donated clothing for those looking to stay out of the cold.