CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — The City of Champaign is working with United Way and giving back to non-profits. This year, city employees raised more than $92,300 for dozens of nonprofits, all in two weeks.

That’s a 14% increase from last year’s numbers and the third-highest amount on record.

Jennifer Bannon, the Assistant City Attorney, said each employee could choose a non-profit to donate to.

“A lot of our programs are focused on assisting people who really need the government to step in and improve quality of life,” Bannon said. “I think government when it’s done well, is really about raising all boats. I think that people in our organization really have that mindset.”

She said some employees are pledging donations to national non-profits, but many are focusing on organizations nearby. They range from the Boys and Girls Club, Salt and Light, job assistance programs and environmental groups.