CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Retail sales typically spike around the holidays. This year, one Champaign boutique saw the opposite.

Donna Walthall, Apricot Lane’s owner, said sales were down this year compared to other holiday seasons. She thinks the winter storm just days before Christmas had an effect.

Her daughter, Lindsey Murphy, is a manager at the store. She noticed more people waiting longer to shop, and not as many going out on Black Friday.

Walthall said it’s harder with prices rising across the board.

“You go to the grocery store, and things are really expensive,” Walthall said. “I think clothing items probably weren’t high on some people’s mind’s this year at Christmastime. I think it affected us a little bit in that way.”

She added that retail stores usually see a dip in sales in January. They’re looking forward to bringing in new styles, especially for springtime, in the coming weeks.