CFD organizing fundraiser for firefighter after cancer diagnosis

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Trevor Herderhorst has been with the Champaign Fire Department for 3 years.

That department is raising money to him and his family as he fights cancer, and they’re getting help from all over the country.

When you become a firefighter, you’re signing up for more than just a job.

“We’re more than just coworkers,” says Firefighter Matt Quinlan. “We’re family and you hear that a lot but it really rings true to us.”

So when one person is in pain, they all feel the impact.

“We’re there for one another, whether we are on duty or off, during the good times and the bad,” says Jason Rector, President of Champaign Firefighters Local 1260.

Herderhorst is 40-years-old. He is a husband and a father of two kids and has been battling cancer off and on since 2014.

“This last year has been a really tough fight for him,” says Rector.

Right now, he has stage 4 cancer. There are 12 tumors in his lungs that have spread to his tomach.

“It really hits home because when you see someone who is your peer, has the same job as you goes through that and is someone just like yourself having to battle this horrible disease,” says Quinlan, “it kind of makes you think about yourself.”

Firefighters from all over Illinois, Missouri, and other parts of the country have shown support, including his firefighter family in Champaign. They say it’s important that Herderhort’s family knows they have support.

“No one fights alone,” says Quinlan. “No one walks alone and we’re always right there and we have each other no matter what’s going on.”

“He’s very, very positive,” says Rector. “He’s been positive through this whole process and he’s going to continue to fight.”

Champaign firefighters have asked other departments if they are interested in helping Herderhorst and his family. The treasurer says his phone has been constantly receiving alerts and messages from people who want to help.

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