CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — As we move into daylight savings, you should keep an eye on your health as you adjust to the time change.

Your physical clocks are adjusting and so is your body’s internal clock.

Dr. Kaninika Verma, a sleep specialist with OSF Healthcare, said it’s hard for your body to spring forward. But, people with dementia and Alzheimers feel it the most.

She said that’s because they already have a hard time maintaining their body clock and this is just another challenge.

“Light is our timekeeper and it’s the strongest timekeeper,” she said. “That’s what keeps us going. Morning light is what’s really important for us to get our day going. We all know bright lights in the morning can really affect our mood and have a good day, get it started.”

When that sunlight isn’t there, it’s harder to get your body in sync. To make it easier, Dr. Verma suggests gradually changing your sleep schedule and trying to go to bed 15 minutes sooner in the next couple of days.