CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — The murder of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher is being felt hundreds of miles away in Central Illinois.

Fletcher was killed while jogging, and now the crime is making others think of their safety.

Theresa Heater, a member of the Second Wind Running Club in Champaign, said she’ll be dedicating her next run to Fletcher. She said this is one way to bring light to the dangers women face while exercising. 

She said she knows this could happen to anyone and doesn’t want to live in fear when she runs multiple times a week. 

She said she makes sure to always keep her head on a swivel and run in groups when she can. Heater said she always lets someone know where she is when she leaves to exercise. 

“I let my family know where I’m going, I have an app on my phone so they can see where I’m at at all times,” Heater said. “Especially as a single female running alone, it’s just best to have those safety measures in place.”

She added that when running on your own, try to stay in well-lit areas, especially as the sun sets sooner with winter around the corner.