KANSAS, Ill. (WCIA) — People who stepped outside on Tuesday know it’s hot, but one school district was more than prepared to make sure everyone stayed safe.

Kansas Community Schools started preparing for the hot weather ahead of time, allocating water bottles along with school supplies in their budget.

“We are vigilant in ensuring their safety is almost our utmost priority,” said Assistant Principal Tiffany Huisinga. “My superintendent and my board are wonderful, and they support anything that our children need and I feel like they are always on the ball with that.”

Sophomore Laine Ehlers said even though the bottles are a small gesture, it goes a long way.

“It was a nice surprise seeing it in the lockers and I loved having my name on it. It just kind of made me feel special,” said Ehlers. “I feel like it was a really good idea because it doesn’t give students any excuse not to bring water.”

Ehlers is hoping other students are taking full advantage of the accessible hydration as well. As an athlete, she said she knows what can happen if they don’t.

“There have been many situations where people won’t drink enough water during sports, or even throughout the day,” Ehlers said. “Where they would overheat, or they would pass out, or have to go to the hospital and that’s terrible for your body and your health. So that’s just not a smart idea.”

The school is also following the IHSA’s wet bulb guidelines and canceling all outdoor activities until they’re safe.