Cause of fish kill under investigation

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IROQUOIS COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The community is trying to clean up the aftermath of a large fish kill. Investigators are looking into what caused the event at Lake Iroquois.

Crews have been hauling off an endless supply of fish carcasses since Sunday. The EPA was expected to be testing water Monday. Officials say results of the water samples should be available later in the week.

They say it’s possible something entered the lake at the outfall, or lake turnover lowered oxygen levels in the water; essentially suffocating the fish.

Sunday, conservation police said a fish kill like this is devastating to the lake’s ecosystem. Fishermen say they’ve spotted a variety of dead fish including shad, yellow bass, catfish, carp and walleye.

They’ll likely be cleaning up for awhile. Officials say it often takes longer for larger dead fish to rise to the surface.

Lake Iroquois isn’t the only body of water with strange occurrences. Lake Paradise, in Coles County, had to be shut down because of an algae bloom last week.

As an extra precaution, the city advised people and pets not swim in the water yet. Fishing advisories are in place.

Those wanting to swim are being told to go to the city’s public beach at the south end of Lake Mattoon.

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