Cat attacked with pepper spray

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman says her cat was pepper-sprayed in the face. The person who did it got away, but a neighbor saw it all. It happened on West Clark near South New Street. The owner says the cat was just sitting outside on the porch when it happened.

Pepper spray is something you have in case you’re attacked, but Leslie Till is still trying to understand why someone would use it on her pet. Till says she was sitting inside Thursday morning when she heard her cat, Clarence, crying out in pain.

“I heard a big cat howling fiasco. It was different from any howl I’ve ever heard,” said Till. “I peaked out the door, and Clarence just ran inside.” Till says Clarence was foaming at the mouth. She call police, but they couldn’t find the person who did it.

“It was an attack on the cat, it wasn’t self-defense,” said neighbor Stephanie Fisher. Fisher says she saw it all happen.

“I look away for a second, and as I look back, he was walking by, had this can of pepper, well, can of spray, I didn’t know what it was, and he just started hosing this cat,” said Till. “I came running of my porch, terrified for this cat, I didn’t know what he was doing or what he had. And he said it was pepper spray, and that’s what it was meant to be used for.”

Luckily, Till was able to clean Clarence’s eyes out and he’s doing alright. Police were called and couldn’t find the person who did it. Till says she can’t believe why someone would do this.

“If there was a problem, we could’ve worked that out, but I just don’t think that pepper spray was the solution.”

The cat owners say one of their neighbors has a camera on his house, but it wasn’t on yesterday. They say some people have questioned why they let their cats outside but they say their cats never leave their property. Police say they came to the house and tried to find the person, but they didn’t have any luck.

“You may not make eye contact with everybody that you see, but people still see you. and we saw him, and we are going to find him. The police are going to find him, and I hope he goes to jail for animal cruelty,” said Fisher.

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