Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Carle has focused on workforce development since 2017 and we create innovative training programs to onboard individuals, meet the workforce needs of the organization and at the same time provide wraparound support to participants within Workforce Development programs at Carle.

The Returnship provides a high-level career experience for office type professionals who have taken an extended career break. The program offers the unique opportunity to work on key projects and meaningful work within their determined department, as well.

The program halted out of caution during the pandemic, but the goal of the program is the same – helping job seekers overcome barriers.

We know some people have a break in their work due to managing personal or family issues or some even due to COVID-19. Returning after a break can be intimidating enough to stop some truly talented candidates from applying for open positions.

This is a paid program designed to reestablish skills, regain confidence and connect to potential career opportunities.

Carle Health is not unlike other employers currently experiencing staffing needs. Carle Health is composed of five hospital locations: Hoopeston, Eureka, Bloomington, Olney and Urbana – and more than 50 outpatient locations. We are always looking for talented individuals to fill many types of roles and the Returnship may help with that. Returnship was very successful when it was first introduced. Some people were hired into long-time careers at Carle. For instance, one person is now a senior financial analyst in accounting and another is a Provider Services specialist.

What kind of individuals should participate in this program?
• Professionals with 5 to 7 years of previous work experience before an extended career break
• Good communication skills
• Good interpersonal communication skills
• Analytical ability
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively
• Self-motivated to lead meaningful work projects

The Returnship is a 10-week program running from Sept. 12 – Nov. 18
Participants spend four days a week working in a specific department and one day a week at Carle at the Fields in Champaign to focus on skill building, professional development and preparing to reenter the workforce.

Applications for the 2022 program are accepted now through August 15. Candidates can apply online by going to and type returnship in the search box.