Car crashes through house

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A family is living in a hotel after a car crashed into their living room. It happened early Friday morning on Lincolnwood Drive in Urbana. The homeowners weren’t hurt.

Kaci Crawford says it started with a bang.

“I woke up and ran out to the living room. I woke them up. It was just a shock to see a small size SUV right in my house.”

That was at about 2:30 Friday morning. Police are still looking for the person who crashed into her home on Lincolnwood Drive in Urbana. She lives there with her mom and daughter, but they’re all living in a hotel until their house is fixed. They don’t know how long that could take. 

“Our insurance adjuster hasn’t even been out yet.” 

Eldridge Walker knows just what she’s going through. He lives on the corner a few houses down. The car that hit Crawford’s house drove through Walker’s yard — but that’s not all.

“We’ve had two cars come into the house and the garage.”

He says he’s had so many close calls, he put boulders in his yard to protect his house. He says, in all those cases, the drivers were drunk. But Walker says fast driving around the curve doesn’t help. And Crawford says neither does the gravel on the road.

But neither one knows how to make the accidents stop.

Crawford’s daughter starts second grade this week, and the family is looking at thousands in damage. Otherwise, she says they’re doing okay, but they’re still in shock. 

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