Bomb squad responding after car crash

Local News

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A high speed chase ended in a car crash where the U of I Bomb Squad had to be called.

This happened early Friday evening by the Danville United Church of Christ near Main and Buchanan Streets.

Witnesses said about seven cars were chasing a vehicle through town before it crashed in front of the church, and caught fire. The suspect was taken to the hospital and no one else was hurt.

Courtesy of Kane Taapken

Police called the U of I Bomb Squad. They used a robot to retrieve two items from the crashed car. One looked like a suitcase. The bomb squad took the items to a secure location. The Danville Police Department said they did two controlled detonations and found one bomb.

Police wouldn’t confirm how they knew a bomb was in the car, or why the suspect had it.

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