Campustown bars close for weekend

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Several Campustown bars voluntarily closed their doors for the weekend, which includes Red Lion, KAMS, and Joe’s Brewery.

They are all worried a mass gathering may cause a big setback in the community. School officials say the reunion is not to the magnitude of unofficial, but it is still significant. The bars in Campustown are already under stricter rules. The City of Champaign put an ordnance in place last week that caps their capacity at 50 percent and stops anyone under 21 from being in them after 9 p.m. The university, city, and public health all do not want everyones hard work to get to this point to be in vain.

“You want to come back in the fall and you want to have some kind of student expirience? Then you got to start practicing social disatancing and the face coverings,” says Vice Chancellor Danita Brown Young.

“We have so many people doing a good job, and we don’t want just a few to mess it up for everyone,” says C-UPHD Deputy Administrator Awais Vaid.

Public health says they have people who will be physically monitoring the bars. Now they will also check on Champaign and Urbana bars in case people decide to go there instead.

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