Call for calm after officer-involved shooting

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — State police are investigating the shooting of an armed man by a Danville Police officer.

A call for a domestic dispute on Sherman Street was reported early Tuesday morning. Two people were reportedly hurt.

Police then found the suspect inside a car, a block over, on Harmon Street. It’s the first time a Danville Police officer has been involved in a shooting death in three years.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released. Authorities say the man knew the people he reportedly hurt in the house and police have dealt with him before.

Yellow tape surrounding a driveway is all that remains after a police shooting Tuesday morning.

“It started off, the shooting ended up in that driveway over there where it’s taped off. The blue and white house where the crime scene was.”

A man is dead after police asked multiple times for a 34-year old to get out of his car. When he finally did, he had a gun in his hand and an officer fired.

“It was like, boom, boom, boom, boom. Four of them. I got up to look out my window and there was nothing but cops everywhere.”

It started a block over on Sherman Street. Police say the subject threatened and hurt a 39-year old woman and 49-year old man. When he left the home, police found him in a car on Harmon.

“It’s a shame. we got woke up this morning and I haven’t been to bed yet ’cause of the crime scene. I’m still shaken up because it was terrible.”

A meeting was called between ministries and the NAACP. They’re concerned about people lashing out against police officers and they want everyone to remain calm until everything is sorted out.

“So, I am asking my people of Danville to be careful of the outside people coming in to try and infiltrate our city. We, ourselves, need to stand down until the pending investigation.”

They’re continuing their meetings with police to find out what they can do to help keep the peace. It’s all neighbors want.

“After 5 o’clock, you don’t walk these streets. It’s a neighborhood you don’t walk around in because you know they’re packing guns.”

She looks forward to when she no longer has to worry about what’s happening on her street.

Both officers involved are on paid administrative leave. The public safety director says it will stay that way until the investigation is complete.

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