Caffeine dangers

Local News

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA — The caffeine overdose death of a South Carolina 16-year old is sparking conversation. It was deadly combination of a latte, soda and an energy drink.

Caffeine is something most people are used to drinking to start their day, but is there a such thing as too much?

One doctor explained the dangers.

“So, it’s a good time for parents to talk to their teenagers about caffeine. They’re really not something they should be drinking on a regular basis and, if they are, they should be trying to watch how much caffeine they are getting and limiting that amount to less than 100 milligrams or none at all,” says pediatrician, Anna Ziemer, M.D. 

That’s about four cups of coffee, ten cans of soda, or two energy shot drinks. She says, in an emergency situation where someone passes out, call 911, get an AED and check for a pulse. 

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