Business on a snowy day

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– Some businesses had a big decision to make. Should they open for business on a snowy day? “Sundays are our biggest profit day of the week so bills are still due,” said Reita Welker of Downtown Cafe. “We did talk about it a little bit. The owner Neil wanted to make sure everyone could make it in safely,” said Erzsebet Getz of Donnie’s Homespun Pizza.
Some business owners went to great lengths to make sure that happened. “He was able to get out and actually get people to work who weren’t able to get out of their driveways,” said Getz. Some companies like the Decatur Indoor Sports Center didn’t have as much help. That’s when management steps up. “We are lower on staff because of the weather. I don’t typically work on the weekends sometimes I do to cover shifts,” said Barbara Chapman of Decatur Indoor Sports Center.

It wasn’t just staff that was low. Business at the Downtown Cafe was slow too. “We normally do about a little over 2 thousand and we’ve done less than half of that,” said Welker. Welker is hopeful money will start pouring in soon. “We’re hoping it clears out and people get a chance to get back in here to eat,” said Welker.

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