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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — People continue to find Bright Spots amid this uniquely challenging time of staying-at-home during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Airiana and her family decorated her grandmother’s yard for Mother’s Day.

Paul’s three cats were ready to dart outside whenever the door opened.

Dawn played Santa’s helper to celebrate moms at the Wesley Food Pantry, in Urbana. Treats and cards were passed out to families during this week’s drive-through food distribution. They even snuck a card to a grateful gentleman while his wife wasn’t looking! It was a great chance to help show moms how much they’re appreciated for everything they do.

Michelle enjoyed some alone time outside with homemade sun tea.

Sheri and her sister, Brenda, celebrated their mom, Judy, at the Eagle View Assisted Living, in Rantoul. They brought Mom Monical’s pizza and ate Jimmy Johns on the patio while visiting through a pane of glass.

There was some live music in a St. Joseph cul-de-sac for neighbors to enjoy.

Tyson is on the Mattoon boys golf team and Clayton created a thank-you poster to show his appreciation for his teachers.

PaPa entertains his grandson while Mom works from home.

Johnathan created a video called Let Love In. The project includes healthcare workers, singers, dancers and families from around the world.

Laura has been helping a mama bird keep watch on a nest of blue eggs until they’re ready to hatch.

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