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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — More people are taking advantage of staying at home to create Bright Spots and make memories during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Brian found a bird on his bumper. When he tried to shoo it away, the bird jumped on Brian’s finger. He walked the bird to a nearby tree.

Becky’s 9-year old grandson learned to mow the yard in PE and it only cost her $5.

Captain Henderson, of the Petersburg Fire Department, sends a shout out to Kylah and Ellie. The girls came to the crews’ rescue after they put out a fire at an apartment building. Capt. Henderson says the department “extends our sincere thanks to our hero’s (sic) across the street. Thank you Kylah & Ellie for your amazing thoughtfulness and wonderful attitudes today! Oh, and for the cool tasty lemonade.” They also shout out to the adults involved in helping the girls with the hashtags: #allherosarentinuniform #youredoingitright

Petersburg Fire Department: Kyle Honkala, Kobe Wheaton, Matt Price, Andrew Nissen, Capt. Chris Henderson and Josh Kinder are rescued with refreshments by Kylah and Ellie.

MeLinda’s grandkids had a “botany” class during homeschooling. They planted a tree.

Kathy in Philo sewed face masks and hung them from a tree in her yard. They’re for anyone who needs them. A skeleton in the yard holds a poster with a drawing of The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.

Peggy and Tim took a stroll through Weldon Springs State Park recently. They said lots of limbs were down on the trails and they moved what they could to the side. They added lots of anglers were successful due to the highest level of water they’ve ever seen in the spillway.

Deb and kim painted windows and put up bird feeders at University Rehab. They also spoke to Larry and Betty by phone.

Charles’ daughter, Kamron, is all business when it comes to her school work. She’s working on perfecting her Vs.

CJ turned 12 on March 27. He was celebrated with a birthday parade.

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