Blue pumpkins for Autism

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — For many children and families, Halloween is a chance to have fun being something you’re not.

Parents of kids with Autism want people to better recognize what their kids are.

Several parents in Champaign-Urbana are trying something new this Halloween. Their kids will be carrying dark blue buckets. They’re hoping a simple visual will help make their holiday stress-free.

If you see a child carrying a dark blue pumpkin, there’s a good chance they have non-verbal Autism.

Parents hope this way, even though their child can’t say “trick or treat,” they can still enjoy the sugar-filled holiday as much as any other kid.

This is a very new campaign. Along with the pumpkins, people passing out candy may get little cards saying trick or treat.

The parents we spoke with say this holiday makes them feel like a broken record. It also comes with plenty of questions, looks, and misunderstanding. That’s why they hope this new campaign catches on.

“He would love to be involved with it just like anybody else would, and this is just a way to show you that he can’t say it, but he’s still really excited to be here. And he wants to trick or treat with everybody,” said parent Brandy Voss.

“It’s just another thing that we can do to help our son. And that’s pretty much all we do…help our son get through these things that seem normal, but just are a little more difficult for him,” added parent Holly Beardsley.

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