Bloomington family teams up with Community Foundation of Macon County for COVID memorial fund

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)–A family in Bloomington is mourning the loss of their loved one, Dani Kater, to COVID-19. As they go through the grieving process, they joined forces with the Community Foundation of Macon County to support infected patients and their families as they fight the virus.

Dani Kater was just 30 when she tragically passed in November. Even though her symptoms were mild, and she had no pre-existing conditions, she was still rushed to the hospital after her husband Tim discovered her blood oxygen levels were dangerously low.

They reached out to the Community Foundation of Macon County to come up with ways to better fight the infection.

“We’re hoping that this will also help the healthcare workers and the people that are showing up at the hospitals and ER,” Dani’s mother Tina Rubin said. “If they have one of these kits, they’ll know they already have an issue.”

The Community Foundation of Macon County announced the new “Dani Rubin Kater Memorial Fund for COVID care” in her memory. The fund will support and provide services and resources devoted to battling the pandemic.

One of the key components of the relief kits that are being provided is the pulse oximeter. This will monitor the patients blood oxegyn levels and let them know if it’s safe to keep recovering at home.

“This will alert them to that, and let them know when they need medical assistance,” the Community Foundation’s Missy Batman said.

The fund will initially distribute free kits to anyone in Macon County who’s tested positive for COVID. Afterwards, it will be $38 for any non-infected patients.

Each health care kit includes items such as the oximeter, thermometer, educational and reference materials and more. The kits are being distributed by Crossings Healthcare.

You can learn more about donating to the fund or buying a kit for yourself at

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