Big Mike moves onto bigger, better things

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A big name in business has a big announcement. After 30-years, he’s stepping down from his post.

The story is a bit of a “downer,” but not how you’d expect. “We’re going downer baby, downer! Where you always get a free onion.”

The schtick with the yardsticks is probably what Big Mike Namoff, of This is It Furniture is most well-known for. He does onions because he always says his deals won’t make you cry. But this time, dozens of his customers did.

“People are coming in, writing me letters and, I’ll tell you what. Big Mike doesn’t really cry much because I’m usually the one helping everybody else.”

Big Mike is retiring and stepping down from the furniture business. He’ll be stepping into full-time charity work.

His friends and long-time customers aren’t susprised because they say he knows as much about lifting people’s spirits as he does about lifting sofas.

“There was a young lady that came into this store, crying, upset. She lost everything in a house fire and had no insurance. Mike walked her around the store. They picked out beds, couches. She thought she was setting it up for a payment plan. Mike said, ‘No charge. I’ll have my guys come over and set everything up at your house for free.'”

Now, Big Mike will be donating his time to youth organizations around the country.

“Kids are my passion. I’m almost 50 now, oh boy! My mind feels like 20, but I’m almost 50 and, it’s just my next chapter.”

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for him. It’s something that, you know, you’re supposed to follow your heart and I think that’s what Mike’s doing.”

The message has been echoed through a number of cards, hugs and phone calls recently. To that, Big Mike wants to give everyone who’s supported him through the years, one big thank you!

“I wanted to say it’s been amazing. It’s been an honor to really woirk this, okay? But, Big Mike is going downer one more time.”

Before Big Mike leaves his post, he’s throwing a retirement sale because he says he wants to help people one last time before he goes. He also says he’ll be leaving the business in good hands.

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