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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The juvenile detention center in Urbana is getting a new roof. It was built to last for about 20 years. It’s starting to leak and cause other problems inside the building.

It’s about a $600,000 project. Bids for the roof were due last week, but the county only got one. They decided to extend the deadline. They talked to roofing companies about why they didn’t want to take the project on. 
Originally, the project asked roofers to also add insulation. None of them wanted to do that. Now, they’ve separated those into two different projects. The county will be handling the insulation. 

“It’s an important building because we have people who live there 24/7 so we need to make sure we take care of the building, and if we have leaks in the building, it causes other damage. It can get into some of the mechanical pieces that are inside the building, cause damage roofs, ceilings, lighting fixtures, not to mention it’s a huge nuisance to people who live and work there on a daily basis when it does leak,” said Facilities Director Dana Brenner. 

This replacement is part of the county’s capital improvements plan. Around 2015, they found out they had a problem. There was a backlog of $30 million worth of repairs needed on county property. They’re dedicating $200,000 a year for the next 10 years on maintenance. 

Bids opened back up Thursday at 2 p.m. They’re expecting around six bids. The roof work should finish around the end of the summer. County leaders are also hoping to improve the roof on one of the pods in the county building. Bids for that will open up soon. 

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