Better opioid training could reduce addiction

Local News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Fall just kicked off, but come spring, a new batch of med students will hit the exam rooms. Monday, more than 100 had a one-stop-shop to learn how to use opioids.

For the first time ever, students studying to become nurses, pharmacists, EMTs and nurse practitioners attended a day-long seminar covering when it’s necessary to prescribe or give someone an opioid to treat pain while also learning how to save someone suffering an overdose.

St. John’s Hospital hosted the event. Leaders believe this method will stop doctors from creating new addicts.

“Even though opioids work very well, for those people who’ve had issued with opioids in the past, giving them one dose can send them back on a path of addiction, so we need to think about each patient as an individual and what is best for that patient.”

She says these are lessons she and her colleagues weren’t taught decades ago. Local law enforcement stopped by to share their role in the epidemic. They say tackling the crisis is a team effort.

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