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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA)- -Spring rains have pushed farmers behind on their work, but they might have just caught a break.

With the warm temperatures and sunshine, we found some farmers who are risking and planting their tomatoes even though the ground is still not dry enough.

Being a month and a half behind they’re trying to get as much done as they can while they wait for the ground to dry.

Growing fruits and vegetables, they haven’t been able to harvest their spring crops like normal.

They try to grow some of their crops in raised beds but with the constant rain, they haven’t been able to use them.

“It’s not just the rain stopping for a week. we need it to stop for about a month for things to dry out because that last week the rain stopped the ground was still so moist that the bed shaper clogged up about a quarter of the way down the beds,” Ann Swanson says.

It’s made them change their plan for how they wanted to plant this year.

A lot of the other farmers we talked with said they will be getting back out there at some point this weekend.

But it all depends on the weather. 

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