Baby goslings rescued from rooftop

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Springtime means more animals are being born and some with the UI are working to keep those newborns safe. Wednesday, they were involved in a rescue.

Goslings were rescued from the fourth floor of the Levis Faculty Center on the UI’s campus. The university’s wildlife clinic took the flock and led them and their parents to Boneyard Creek.

They say if they didn’t bring them down, the goslings might not have made it.

“The babies wouldn’t be able to get down and unfortunately they wouldn’t survive,” said Sarah Reich with the clinic.

What could have been a four-story drop for these week-old birds, ended up being a rescue mission.

Sarah Reich says the patio was a great place to lay their eggs and protect their babies, but now that they’ve hatched, it wasn’t an ideal place to live.

“The babies can’t get down, so they don’t have flight feathers yet so they can’t fly down to the ground and there’s no food or water up there for them,” Reich says.

After the newly hatched goslings were on the ground level, the parents made their way down and those two weren’t too happy about someone moving their kids. But they got over it.

“Mom and dad followed us as we walked with the goslings to a local body of water. The Boneyard Creek,” Riech says. “Both parents were now happily reunited with their goslings and hopefully they are safe and happy.”

The students who helped with the rescue mission say this experience is preparing them for real life.

“Going out on field calls and getting to see it in action is really fun and exhilarating and can help me prepare for my future career,” says Melanie Bliudzius.

Reich says although these type of adventures don’t happen often, they’re great for students. She says her team helps the general public whenever they can.

“It’s a great opportunity for them but also for us to reach out into the community and offer this tool,” says Reich.

For the students who helped, they say the fact it was babies made the whole thing that much better.

“Goslings are really cute, I don’t think anyone can deny that so it was great to get to help them,” Bliudzius says.

When asked if they checked to make sure Boneyard Creek was clear after the fuel leak a few weeks back, Reich said, by now it should be clear. 

She also says this isn’t the first time they’ve had to save goslings from this roof. This time last year they made the same trip and they think it was the same parents who made their nest on that patio again this year. 

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