Awards given for saving a life

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SHELBYVILLE, Ill (WCIA)– A group of men who work for the Shelby Energy Co-op got some recognition.

They were given awards for using their knowledge in first aid to respond to a dangerous situation.

As each of the 14 men walked up to receive their award, they never thought the skills they practiced would actually save a life.

They tell how their training then helped save one of their own last May. 
Every year we do an annual hurt man rescue training,” Brian Chevalier says. “On that day one of our linemen had done his rescue and was on his way down and went into cardiac arrest while he was still on the pole. So all of us linemen there standing by became first responders.”

Even for Kevin Carlen, the man who needed saving, he didn’t think their skills would be put to use.

“I never thought we’d have to use it. It’s something we do and you hope you never have to use it. But I’m glad we do it,” Kevin Carlen says.

“When everybody realized that Kevin was in trouble there was no hesitation. It was very surprising. All the training kicked in and everybody picked a job and did it,” Chevalier says.

The difference between saving a dummy and saving a friend.

Traci Johnston works for the Red Cross.

It’s moments like this one that show the work they do is lifesaving.

 “I was very emotional sitting in the front row as they were getting their certificate of merit because that’s what I get up and come to work for every day,” Traci Johnston explains.

Carlen’s life is forever changed by the 14 men who helped him see another day.

“I am very thrilled with them, and I can enjoy life now and I wake up every morning thankful I’m still here,” Carlen says.

The men received the Certificate of Merit.

The top award was given by the Red Cross. 

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