Avoid tick bites

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA)– As the weather stays warm, more people are getting outside, one thing you need to worry about while out in nature is getting bitten by a tick. While hiking, try to stay in the middle of the trail and avoid high grass areas. It’s important to get the tick off as soon as possible. They carry diseases like Lyme Disease. Ticks are growing during spring and summer so they’re small. Making it hard to see if they’re on you, but there are ways to make sure you’re safe.

“The really tiny ticks, the nymphs are the ones that can bite and carry disease. and they can be very hard to see. covering up and wearing light color clothing it makes it easier to see the ticks if you get one crawling on you,” Janet Jokela says.

She also says it’s smart to do a thorough check on yourself when you come inside. Checking behind your ears and in your beltline.

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