Art Theater looking to change gears

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CHAMPAIGN — The Art Theater Co-Op is trying to become a charity.

The staff is looking toward merging the group with the Art Film Foundation, and going non-profit.

They say with more programming they’ve had recently…comes more demand for dollars.

They want to continue increasing their staff and programs, but they can’t do that long-term as a for-profit organization.

The manager said becoming charity would not only help them stay afloat, it would also reflect their mission in the Champaign community.

“I think that what we offer is really vital to our community. I think we’ve been making a good case for that, and people get that. We’re not suffering from a lack of support, we’re actually suffering from a lack of having the right structure,” said general manager Austin McCann.

If the merger happens, The Art Theater would become one of the Art Film Foundation’s programs.

Then, the theater can apply for grants, and make donations tax deductible.

The decision to merge will need to be put to a vote.


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