Argenta hosts Veteran’s Parade

Local News

ARGENTA, Ill. (WCIA)–Cars lined up in front of the Old Presbyterian Church to honor veterans.

The parade is an annual staple in Argenta that was almost canceled because of COVID-19. In order to follow safety guidelines, participants and spectators were asked to socially distance. Its organizer Ken Smith said the parade was too important to the town to miss.

“With all the turbulence that’s going on, we didn’t want our veterans to be forgotten” he said.

His wife Sarah Smith is a recent veteran, serving with the National Guard in Iraq. She says it’s heartwarming to see the community show their appreciation for vets like her.

“It’s always been kind of a sentimental thing,” Smith said. “As a young veteran, it’s nice to see all the pride and appreciation from the locals here.”

For younger vets like Sarah, this parade was also a way to pay homage to the countless veterans who’ve served before her.

“They’ve blazed the way for us,” she said. “They have shown us a lot of courage with what they’ve had to overcome.”

The parade drove around the town twice before cars began to disperse. They’re hoping that by next year’s parade, they won’t have to worry about the coronavirus and social distancing

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