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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — There must be something in the water at Carle Hospital. That’s because 11 of its NICU nurses are pregnant at the same time. Nine of those babies are boys. But don’t be worried; there are plenty of others to fill the gaps while they’re out.

“Every couple of days it seemed like we found out someone else was pregnant,” said NICU nurse and expectant mother Elizabeth Clutts.     “It’s been really fun, just kindof a celebritory environment.”

This is a first for the NICU. The expectant mother’s due dates range from early June to the end of the year. With all of their babies arriving so close together, they’ve made some adjustments. 
“We’ve been kindof tackling the baby showers in kindof two’s and three’s here and there,” said Clutts. 

Luckily, there are 90 nurses in the NICU, so they don’t have any concerns about being short-staffed.
“It’s always something we’re looking at, and as people start saying they’re expecting, I’m like okay, it’s one more, but we have a lot of staff that are willing to fill up those spaces that are gonna be voided. Luckily they’re spaced out nicely, so it’s not gonna be a concern for us,” said Children’s Services Manager Carisa Jones.

They’re using this as an opportunity to grow even closer. 

“We definitley form bonds over our good days and our bad days here at work, but this is another layor of fun and just adds to that bond that we have,” said Clutts. 

Although it’s baby number four for Clutts’ family, it’s boy number one. She’s looking forward to all the other first’s coming her way. 

“Every life experience that you have as a parent can really add to the level of care you’re able to provide to these families.”

The plan is to get all the nurses together for a group picture after they’ve had their babies.

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