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Update: 1:00 pm, 5/21/19, Tuesday 

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Tuesday is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. Others are recognizing just how important a job it is.

Every year since 2005, Illinois has taken a day to think those who keep kids safe. Even on rainy days, crossing guards, like Tanyanette Sims, are still making students’ days.

“Oftentimes I’ll make sure I speak, make sure I smile, make sure I joke with them a little bit.”

Almost six years ago, Sims took on her first crossing guard position. She says she does it for the kids.

“You have a vantage point only a few people ever have at the beginning of the day. You get to set the tone for their day.”

Musa Muhammad is the Urbana Middle School Crossing Guard. He says the work he does out on the sidewalk translates to the classroom.

“I’m a teacher’s aide also, so, when I’m done here, I’m interacting with the kids in the school. It’s better to work with kids when you have a relationship, when they know you.”

The kids they help across the street are more than just faces to them.

“You get to know who their friends are, you get to know who their little rivals are.”

Getting them across the street is the job, but being appreciated makes it that much better.

“It feels really good. This job is definitely intense because safety is involved; kids’ safety is involved. It’s good to know someone is acknowledging what we do.”

Those crossing guards say they received many thanks; some with words and others with gifts. 

Original: 11:30 am, 5/21/19, Tuesday

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Governor Pritzker named Tuesday Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. It’s to honor them for their hard work keeping kids in the state safe during the school year.

As children walk or bike to and from schools, crossing guards are there to help students.

Pritzker explains more than 400 kids are hurt in vehicle-related crashes every year and, without crossing guards, the number might be higher. They’re also a reminder for people to slow down on school zones.

They also teach kids how to be safe pedestrians, reminding them to look both ways before crossing and watch for traffic.

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