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App could keep school kids healthier

TUSCOLA, Ill. - TUSCOLA -- A smartphone app could actually help people kick the flu sooner. An area elementary school was chosen from among 500 schools across the country. They're trying out Kinsa's Fluency Program.

It gives parents and staff a free thermometer and quicker options to diagnose what a child may be sick with. So far, the school's nurse says about 100 families are using the program.

It's free to anyone from North Ward Elementary School. They download the app and connect the thermometer. She says it's amazing to think, with the click of a button, an illness might not spread.

Feeling achy? Do you have a temperature? What about a sore throat? Well, there's an app for that.

"We're hoping we can increase attendance and decrease illness."

All with the help of the Kinsa Fluency Program. The app keeps a log of your child's temperature and any symptoms. You can also upload pictures to show your doctor.

"If their kid has had a sore throat for a couple days, they could keep monitoring their temperature to make sure they're not having a fever. They could get them to the doctor quicker and, hopefully, get treatment sooner."

They were one of 500 schools selected to participate. School nurse Melissa Lemay made it happen.

"I was really quite giddy and excited to offer this program to our families."

It's easy to use. Just open the app, connect the thermometer and wait to see what it says.

"The app has a component where you can put in symptoms that you're having."

Lemay hopes this will help stop the spread of germs and keep more kids in their classrooms.

"I think any day out of class is hard, even for the best of students."

Parents like Terra Waldrop agree. She also likes you can see what else could be floating around.

"It helps them to be aware of what's going on, also, too, it's keeping them home so they're not spreading the germs even further."

Because she knows, as well as others, all it takes is a few germs to make a whole bunch of kids sick.

"Once one child has it, then they touch the water found, they touch doorknobs, they touch other kids."

Anybody from the school can call to get more information about the app and order their own, free of cost.

There's also a message board parents can access. Lemay says it's already become her favorite option.

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