Annexation possible solution to funding loss

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The city is considering a possible solution to help fight funding loss from people leaving the city. They’re talking about annexation at a study session Monday night. 

Officials say more people are packing up and leaving Decatur. But businesses like the Economic Development Corporation are doing what they can to get them to stay.

“We know that folks will move to communities that have jobs and so helping to grow the number of jobs is what we do to help attract people to the community,” said Nicole Bateman, Economic Development Corporation of Decatur Macon County.

City leaders like David Horn said despite opportunities, Decatur’s population is still on the decline.

David horn/decatur city council
“The city of Decatur has experienced significant population loss since 2010,” said Horn, city council member. “In 2010 our population was 76,000 and as of 2017 we were at 72,000.”

As more people leave the city, that means less money is coming in. Horn says they’re on track to lose out on more than $850,000 a year in state taxes. Now city council is considering annexing 400 to 500 properties outside of Decatur’s boundaries. They’re already using city water, but aren’t paying city taxes. Some are worried about being taxed twice. But Horn said they’re working on that.

“It’s something that we want to work through so that the citizens that would be annexed are really only be  taxed by one fire district as opposed to their former one and teir new one.”

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