WATCH: It was a case of “when it rains, it pours” and when it poured in the wee hours of Monday morning, it flooded the WCIA building.

Meteorologists Jacob Dickey and Kevin Lighty kept broadcasting as four inches of water rushed into the studio, eventually spreading throughout the building.

Another inch or two could’ve taken us off of the air, according to WCIA’s chief engineer Darren Martin.

“It just happened so fast. The water just started rushing in there,” Dickey said. “It wasn’t a trickle, it was a wave of water that just swept across the studio, and Kevin and I are just standing there.”

“You know I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences as a meteorologist with on-air-related stories and weather events. This one to me stands out with being in a flooded studio. That’s never happened and I hope it never happens again.”