Ameren crews from Illinois, Missouri respond to East Coast hurricane outages

Local News

ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WCIA) — Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri are deploying workers out to the United States East Coast.

They’re restoring power services that were knocked out by Hurricane Isaias.

About 120 workers are assisting Eversource Energy in Connecticut. Public Service Enterprise Group will also receive help along with Eversource in New Jersey.

“We have extensive experience in restoration efforts in Illinois. We will rely on that experience to answer the call for people in the greater Connecticut area,” said Richard Mark, chairman and president, Ameren Illinois. “My thoughts and prayers are with those in the aftermath of the hurricane and for all personnel traveling to respond to this event.”

The company said the deployment is part of a mutual assistance network, which puts boots on the ground and gets services back online faster. It also gives linemen, fleet, and logistics personnel from the affected areas much needed time to rest.

Some Central Illinois communities have need help from the network in the past — as recently as 2018.

“The last big one that we had was the tornado that went through both Taylorville and Washington Illinois couple years ago and in both those instances we called in linemen from Kansas, Ohio and Indiana to give us extra boots on the ground,” said Brian Bretsch, Ameren Communications Executive.

He adds their workers will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines — by wearing masks and social distancing.

Ameren will also keep enough personnel back home in case they’re needed to respond to storms here.           

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