Decatur, Ill., (WCIA) — One Central Illinois bus system is expanding, hoping to make getting to work and running errands easier for people. 

It’s all happening in Decatur. Lacie Elzy, the city’s transit administrator, said the five added hybrid routes on Sundays will help connect the city’s “Urban Core” to more shopping and medical care. 

City Council passed the plan on Monday night and they plan to have the routes running by mid-October. 

Elzy said the additions will help people get to more work opportunities, but also to friends and family.

She said they wanted a plan in place by the holidays. 

“This is really our first holiday season post-COVID that we’re turning to normal per se or our new normal, so I think it’s good for the economy, good for retailers, good for our citizens,” she said. 

She added that right now, they are fully staffed and are working on plans to have enough Sunday drivers. 

Sundays are their priority right now, but Elzy said they want to create more routes in the future.

For a full list of routes, visit their website.