Addiction recovery program raises $615,000 for new dorm

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Years of planning and fundraising are finally paying off because an addiction recovery program now has the money to help more men overcome substance abuse.

Urbana’s Lifeline Connect raised $615,000 to build a new dorm and help 24 more men. Since 2006 Lifeline has helped more than 80 men overcome their addictions. Those who have graduated from the program say they can’t wait to see more men experience the freedom from addiction. 

Les Cotton says, “This program means everything to me simply because my life was destroyed.” For him, Lifeline Connect is more than an addiction recovery center. It saved his life. He says, ‘Presription pain pill was my drug of choice and it led to DUIs, ruined nursing career, and jail time. When I hit rock bottom I found out about Lifeline.”

It’s a one-year faith-based recovery center for men struggling with substance abuse. They live in the building connected to Apostolic Life Church in Urbana. Right now they house six men at a time. But they decided to start a new mission to build a dorm to hold 24 more men.  

Graduate Michael Savage says, “I had a really good friend of mine from St. Louis, Missourri who was interviewing for the program and there wasn’t room for him at the time. He’s actually dead. He died from a heroine overdose.” Savage doesn’t want to see that happen again. 

Last year a group of people climbed 22 miles to the top of Mt. Whitney in California, pledging to raise money. Several other fundraisers followed and now they have enough money to start building. The project will cost about $630,000. More than $260,000 in labor and material is being donated to Lifeline from local businesses. 

Cotton says, “Wells and Wells Construction, Lanz, Inc., and Kraft development group have been vital in us accomplishing our goal.”

This has been a long time coming. But just like addiction recovery, patience and persistence paid off. 

Savage says, “I’m beyond excited. It’s so important that this ministry expand.”

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the project will be on August 16th at Apostolic Life Church. 
Anybody is welcome to join. Lifeline’s directors say construction shouldn’t take too long. They plan to finish building by spring of 2019. 

If you are interested in the program click here for a link to their website and Facebook page

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