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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — An addiction recovery program is taking its mission to a new level. Soul Garden Recovery Center will soon be able to help even more people after treatment. 

It got a grant from the U.S. Department of Health. But instead of money, it’s getting help to design a new program. National consultants came to town to find new ways to help addicts. 

Vermilion County’s Community Health Plan says, out of 1,500 people surveyed, 33% said they don’t feel like substance and mental health services are actively available. This grant is going to help leaders figure out how to meet that need. 

Ciera Beith’s life shifted when she found out her mom was hooked on drugs.

She says, “My mom went to rehab for the first time. She was a drug addict and that really took a big toll on us. She relapsed twice.” 

Now, her mom is three years sober. But they, like many, are learning life during recovery can be just as challenging as treatment in different ways.

Beith says, “You feel really by yourself, like you’re the only one that can really understand what you’re going through, like you’re not seen as important.” 

During that time, they found hope in the Soul Garden Recovery Center. It’s a program which helps provide resources like job placement and peer mentorship to people after treatment. 

Wendy Lambert started it four years ago.

She says, “If you give them the skills, you help them find their calling, then they’re less likely to contaminate their lives with drugs and alcohol.” 

She was an addict herself.

Lambert says, “I’ve been clean for 20 years at this point. I had to do more than just go to meetings.”  

Soul Garden just got a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to expand its Vermilion County program. The grant isn’t money, it provides technical help.

National consultants came to town to meet with people in the community to find a way to meet the needs of recovering addicts. 

Lambert says, “They’re teaching us how to be more effective with the community and to help change our community into something that is beyond addiction.” 

Since it’s been open, Soul Garden has helped hundreds of people repurpose their lives after addiction. Leaders hope the grant will take their mission even further. 

Beith says, “It’s so important. It’s so important for people to realize that there is a way out.“

Right now, the recovery center doesn’t have a permanent building. It’s right on the verge of getting one donated. Once that happens, it will be able to kickstart a revamped program. 

Soul Garden Recovery Center runs on donations. It partners with Rosecrance Addiction and Treatment centers throughout Illinois.

At a meeting Monday night, Rosecrance said it has several spots open for treatment walk-ins. If you’re interested call Valarie Shelton at (217) 274 – 0898. 

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