Accused bomber in court

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – A man who admitted bombing a Mosque in Minnesota and tried bombing a Women’s Health Center in Champaign appeared in court Wednesday.

Michael McWhorter was arrested for unlawful possession of machine guns. His wife walked away from court in tears, after a judge said her husband was a threat to the community. 

Police say McWhorter admitted bombing the Islamic Center, in Minnesota, August 5, 2017. He said he was the one who lit and threw the bomb in a window. He also admitted trying to bomb a Women’s Health Clinic, in Champaign, and invading a man’s home in Indiana with Michael Hari and Joe Morris.

They also admitted to trying to melt a railroad track in Effingham which could have derailed a train, planting bombs in a yard in Clarence, and robbing three Walmarts in Illinois. Mt. Vernon Police say they have a photo of the three men at a robbery December 17. 

In court, McWhorter’s lawyer claimed Michael Hari was the ringleader. The affidavit says Hari offered to pay McWhorter $18,000 to take part in the bombings.

People in Clarence say a video circulating on YouTube is Michael Hari behind a mask. The video tries to recruit other people to help him resist the FBI, but the affidavit says he’s the one who tipped off the ATF to his own bombs.

Hari then appears to lie in the Youtube video, saying, “They claimed it was because of some kind of bomb scare and claimed to have detonated some bombs up there but we don’t really know of any such thing to be a fact.” 

In 2006, Hari kidnaped his two teenage daughters and took them to Central America for almost a year. His ex-wife appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. 

The contracting company he ran out of Clarence also put in a bid to help President Trump build his wall. 

The White Rabbit organization, he claims to be a part of, says they want America to go back to the way it used to be saying, “If you feel like your freedoms are being curtailed and every day getting a little further away from the country you grew up in, then you’re already one of us.”

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