Accident puts paramedics in patient’s seat

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LOGAN COUNTY — Two paramedics nearly died after hydroplaning on the highway and crashing their ambulance.

During this weekend’s rough weather, early Saturday morning, the two medics were returning to their station after dropping off a patient. Road conditions were wet and slippery and the driver lost control. They said it could have happened to anyone.

“We’re not worried, as far as coming out and coming back to  work. Matter of fact, me and my partner, from the accident, are going to be at work tomorrow at 7 o’clock, ready to do it all over again.”

As a paramedic, Michael Mercer is no stranger to emergency situations; helping those in need is part of the job. But, he says he never imagined he’d be the one calling for help.

“We were both hurting. We both had some pain, some bumps and bruises, abrasions, things like that. We weren’t scared. We were more so just trying to figure out what was going on and just holding on.”

Wet roads sent the 20,000 pound vehicle into two guardrails. They were able to care for themselves while they waited for help.

“It was different, you know, having to take care of my partner, you know? I was treating his injuries at the time, rather than my own.”

“That’s what these guys are trained to do is take care of people in emergency situations and, so luckily, they were both well enough to be able to care for one another.”

Both were rushed to the hospital, but only suffered minor injuries. They say they’re grateful to be safe.

“That accident was a high speed accident and it could’ve been a whole lot worse.”

“I’m just glad they weren’t injured badly. I’m glad they’re coming back to work.”

It was determined the driver was not a fault in the crash.

The CEO of the Logan County Paramedics Association says, since 1999, they’ve responded to more than 100,000 calls. They’re happy to have only lost four ambulances and no lives in accidents during that time.

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