Above-average snowfall keeps crews busy

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Crews spent the day cleaning up after three-and-a-half inches of snow fell in some places. Those who had to shovel say this is the most snow clearing business they’ve had in years.

The weather also kept state police busy, responding to dozens of crashes; some deadly. Some roads look pretty clear now, but police say drivers should still be cautious because of ice and drifting snow.

Authorities were just some of those helping people get around safely. It’s been a busy day for contractors.

“We’ve been out since 3:30 am. Since yesterday, maybe 10 o’clock at night, last night.”

They’ve been working nonstop to clean streets, sidewalks and parking lots blanketed by inches of snow in a matter of hours.

“I got, like 20 minutes of sleep. I had to get a cup of coffee. That didn’t work.”

Joel Kouski owns Kouski Landscaping. He says plowing snow is only a small part of his business, but this year, it’s been bigger than usual.

Since Christmas Eve, Kouski’s men have been called out six different days; more than the past two years combined.

“We figured out the total acreage. It was something like 32 acres of parking lots we do every time it snows.”

When it comes to snow, parking lots are his bread-and-butter.

“Just like any business, in order to have patrons and customers come in and give you their business, or be influenced by whatever value they add to your lives, they’ve got to be open and accessible.”

But, he says he’s seen plenty of city contractors working on the roads.

“The guys are out working. They’ve been out since before we were out.”

Don’t forget sidewalks. Those are John Reed’s territory. He works for Merrill Landscape Services.

“Me and him have done about 25, 26 this morning. Ten more on the list that I know of. We’ll see.”

Like Kouski, he says he’s already been out several times this year because of above-average snowfall. But, people say all their hard work is paying off.

“I’m actually impressed how nice it was out.”

Kouski says most plow companies don’t base their business around it because it’s so unpredictable. For them, it’s something extra they do.

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