A woman is dead and her husband is in jail

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA)–The couple has been married less than two weeks.

They were at a Cardinals game.

Jenkins told police they were arguing there, and cellphone video shows the fight continued on the roof of the parking garage.

Now, this is a video no one has seen yet besides police.

But they say it tells a graphic story of what happened.St. Louis police got a call around 2 AM Sunday.

When they arrived at Busch Stadium’s East parking garage.

They found Martin’s body lying on the concrete.

They say Bradley Jenkins appeared drunk, straddling her body and covered in blood.

Investigators found martin’s cell phone on the seventh floor of the garage.

On it, a video of the two fighting.

Martin was heard yelling at Jenkins to stop punching her face.

Then she dropped the phone and was heard screaming as she fell.

The sound of her body hitting the ground also on the recording.

At first, Jenkins lied to police about being on the rooftop with his wife.

He later said the fight never got physical.

The recording shows otherwise.

Jenkins is charged with domestic assault.

Those charges could be upgraded to murder.

The couple works at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln.

Martin is a Correctional Officer, she was hired in 2015, Jenkins is a Lieutenant and was hired in 2010.

The department of corrections released a statement to us saying:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of correctional officer Allissa Jenkins-Martin. We extend our most heartfelt thoughts and condolences to her family during this difficult time.”

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