ASSUMPTION, Ill., (WCIA) — Many intersections in farming communities don’t have stop signs or yield signs, and one county’s sheriff wants people to know stopping and slowing down could save lives. 

It comes after Monday afternoon’s deadly car crash just north of Assumption. Three people died and another was airlifted to a hospital.

It happened at County Road 1400 North and 2500 East while the corn was still tall. 

Hours later on Tuesday morning, the corn was chopped down. Debris filled nearby fields and spilled fuel marked the road. 

It was the third major crash in this part of Christian County since July.

On July 12, two teenagers were killed and two others were injured at Route 51 and Leafland Street on their way to Central A&M High School to lift weights. On Sept. 22, two were injured on Tower Hill Blacktop.

“This was a terrible, terrible tragedy that happened out in a farm community where everybody’s close, everybody knows one another,” Bruce Kettelkamp, Christian County’s Sheriff, said.

He was one of many who responded to Monday’s crash. 

“There was a lot of firemen here,” he said. “It’s tough for first responders when you know there are two people who are DOA and you see a body, you can’t get it out, you have to wait for the coroner to get here. It’s a very traumatic experience for all first responders.”

He said the grain truck was going south, and the car was traveling west. 

Kettelkamp said there were several factors that caused the crash, adding that neither vehicle slowed down or yielded. 

“Two of the individuals were ejected from the vehicle. If they were wearing their seatbelts I don’t believe they would have been killed,” he said. 

Brian Callan and Keirsty Hughes from Blue Mound were in that vehicle, a grain truck. 

They died, along with Sarah Meyers from Bethany. 

Both vehicles had dogs in them, and both dogs died. The car’s driver was airlifted to a hospital. 

Kettelkamp said the truck was empty, causing it to roll far into the neighboring corn. 

“This Assumption area. This community, the fire department, they’ve had it really rough,” he said. 

This most recent crash marks five deaths in car crashes in the county since July. 

“It’s really hard on them,” Kettelkamp said. 

Neighbors said they notice people cutting from town to town on the roads, but the Sheriff said these accidents are preventable. 

“Drive slow and when you approach an intersection, especially when the crops are still up, you have to stop,” he said. 

He added that even when there’s no stop sign, drivers need to stop and look. He also applauded Assumption’s Fire Department, they’re all volunteers.