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CHICAGO, Ill. (WCIA) — An unlikely star is cultivating a name for himself during this historic time in global medical history.

Wellington and other penguins from the Shedd Aquarium have been recently making the rounds of the aquarium out of their normal habitat.

Their most recent adventure was to visit the Underwater Viewing Area where they interacted with several beluga whales. The belugas, including Annik the calf born last year, stopped swimming to gather at the window to check out their feathered friends.

Belugas are native to the northern hemisphere so they would likely never encounter a penguin in the wild since all penguin species are found in the southern hemisphere.

Wellington, a 32-year old rockhopper, was just one of several penguins who made the trek to an entirely new level of Shedd Aquarium.

The flightless birds have been lucky to make the unusual rounds while the aquarium is closed for at least two weeks during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, penguins in other aquariums, like these at Two Oceans Aquarium, across the world in Cape Town, South Africa, have taken adventures down flights of stairs while perusing the outside of their habitats.

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