A gaggle of geese run over and killed

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A group of geese was hit and killed Wednesday night. Police say people should be mindful in the area where there are more retention ponds on the north side of the city. 

“We have lots of geese in the whole area and we get a lot of geese on our pond too,” says Mark Bushman. 

They waddle around part of the time because of the detention basins. 

“I’ve seen a couple of years where there’s been a lot more,” says Bushman.

The city says they’re seeing a normal number of geese this year, but they can still be a hassle for drivers. 

“Just be patient, wait for it or try to go around them. I mean I would never intentionally run one over,” states Dennis Smith.

Smith works at a store on Prospect Avenue and comes in contact with them regularly. 

“There’s a retention pond here and over by Burger King and a lot of people feed into it because they give them their fries and food from the local restaurants, so it just makes them stay around even longer,” says Smith.

“Sometimes there’s baby ducks and I like baby ducks,” says K’vonna Akins. 

Bushman has lived at The Villas for the past five years where they have a pond. He takes walks with his dog around there. 

“If there’s enough of them, she’ll go after them and chase them out, but most of the time, if we get close they start heading away anyway,” states Bushman.

While Bushman enjoys seeing the geese in the pond, he says it’s not so fun when they come into his yard, so his homeowner’s association is talking about what it can do about keeping them away from their homes.

“Things to make sure is no matter what we do, we’re not injuring the geese, so looking at the type of fish line or the types of poles or sticks we can use, bamboo or whatever to make sure we’re not injuring the geese to keep them from getting up on the lawn,” says Bushman.

City leaders say if there were more geese in the area than normal, they would have to speak with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about a plan.

That’s because the ponds in the area are privately owned. So, the HOA’s, city and IDNR would have to talk to find out what to do to solve the problem. 

There is a federal law protecting Canadian geese. It’s call the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Illinois Wildlife Code. It’s against the law to kill or remove a goose, its nests and eggs. The only way to kill or remove them is with a permit from the IDNR. 

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