CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — First responders are picking up calls and keeping you safe on Thanksgiving instead of spending the night around the dinner table with their families. 

Todd Anderson is one of those people with the Champaign Fire Department. 

He’s worked many holidays with the department but says there’s no such thing as a “typical day” at the fire station since you never know what will happen. 

He said the station is still staffed as usual for holidays, just with fewer people for answering the phones. 

Anderson said it’s no big deal though because he’s happy to cook a turkey with his work family in the firehouse. 

He said he’s thankful for his family’s support because, without it, the job would be a lot harder. As much as he has to adjust to his work schedule, he said his kids do too. But, in his life, everyone is flexible with celebrating on different days instead. 

Anderson said he celebrated with family on Wednesday and will be with other family members on Friday too. He considered Thursday’s feast with his co-workers a “bonus Thanksgiving” with another family. 

“There’s more of a family atmosphere here. That’s part of the enjoyment of working the holidays,” he said. “You do get to spend time with family. It may not be the birth family, but you do get to spend time with family.” 

He said many family members will visit the station on holidays too, especially younger kids. 

Anderson said Thursday was a busy day of calls with 5-6 coming into his station, but he loves that every day is different.